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Stories, Drums and Silverchair Track Reviews with Ben Gillies

Maybe it was the pandemic making me nostalgic, maybe it’s just that some time has passed since Silverchair recorded our first album – whatever the reason, last year I found myself reviewing our back catalogue in a way I haven’t before: by listening with a critical ear.

These are songs I’ve played thousands of times live – not to mention all the studio takes – so a bit of distance is needed to hear them fresh and be able to think about what I might have done differently. And also what I would have done exactly the same.

I didn’t just listen, though: I decided to re-record the drum parts of several of our best-known songs. Not only that, but because I know some of you love the technical detail, I then decided to overlay the new drum recordings over the original tracks (to accentuate the drums) and create a series of ‘Behind The Beat’ videos.  In the videos I’ve reminisced on some stories and talked through various elements of the tracks as part of my review of the songs, the drums, the tempos and the structures. Basically, you get a peak into me analysing certain components that made them not only great songs but great recordings.


I hope you enjoy revisiting and reviewing the original Silverchair tracks as much as I did (and hearing the stories of how they ended up as they are), and I’d love to hear what you think. Hit me up on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

I am a writer of a number of the songs reviewed in the ‘Behind The Beat’ videos; Daniel Johns is a credited writer for each of the songs in the videos; and Julian Hamilton is a credited co-writer of ‘Straight Lines’.